Whether your child went to nursery and kindergarten, whether it liked it or not, inevitably comes the time for school. And it does not matter whether it liked the idea or not. It is undeniable the necessity of going to school.

But how to choose the appropriate primary school?
The choice is imperative and not a minor.
Children who go to kindergarten, have pre-school class there.
Children who do not attend kindergarten must enroll and complete preschool in a school. For parents of these children, the time for choice comes with one year earlier.

If the child does not go to the garden and going to preschool, you should enroll it in this school you have chosen to visit from first to fourth grade. Children who stay at home are much more sensitive to the change of environment from children attended kindergarten, for obvious reasons. Not a good idea to enroll the child to preschool in one school and first grade - in another, unless you have a real reason. It will grieve for its former friends and there is a real danger that the first class to become a nightmare not only for it but also for you. Children are not able to express their grief in words. They do it with disobedience, making trouble or silence. And the best child from pre-school group can become the worst in class or to close in itself and cut your access to what is going on in its head.

The criteria for school choice are similar to the criteria for choice of nursery and kindergarten. And of course they are subjective:

  • the location ;
  • the environment ;
  • the type of school ;
  • the mode of training, lessons and circles ;
  • the vacation ;

and others.