Primary School

Primary school - this is the time when many questions arise about how the world works. We want our school to be a place where children will get help in answering these questions.

For us the main task of the primary school is to set up in the student overall scientific picture of the world, to introduce him with different areas of knowledge and to enable each of them to make his little discovery. To show him the ways of thinking, to immerse him in mathematics, natural sciences, literature. To teach the children to understand themselves and others, expressing it in text, painting or music. To awaken the love for knowledge that will help them in life.

Mission of the Primary School :

  • Formation of national and universal values ;
  • Development of individuality and stimulate creative talents ;
  • Formation of responsible individuals, prepared to fulfill its social role in society ;
  • Achievement of a high quality education for our children .

Vision of the Primary School :

  • Validation of the Primary School as a competitive school with its own appearance;
  • Using democratic principles of education ;
  • Establishment of the pedagogical team as a team of professionals forming the student as a UK citizen ;
  • Modern organization of the teaching process ;
  • Each student is situated in the center of teaching with his/her unique personality skills, values and a need of a special attention ;
  • Working together for an effective school comunity in cooperation with the kids` families ;
  • Strategically planing .

Purposes of the Primary Shool :

  • Creation of possiitive environment for learning, based on respect and democratic principles - "earning through lifetime" ;
  • Forming skills of changing, creative imagination, making choices and critical thinking ;
  • Building skills of selfdiscovering problems and problems solving ;
  • Bulding skills of communication and cooperation ;
  • Matching school knowledges to a real life and putting them into practice .

Values of the Primary School :

The model of education and upbringing, and the methods we use in our work are connected with the latest achievements of pedagogical science and practice.
The idea is to supply good conditions for children to live their childhood to the fullest and to be able to successfully face the challenges of time and modern life.